Dealing In Pet Foods, Pet Shop & Accessories  

Alpha Pet Trading Sdn Bhd is a pet products wholesaler company which has been in the pet industry for more than 30 years.

Our main office is located in Melaka, Malaysia. As a wholesaler in this industry, we are concern on bringing in market quality pets’ products to our retail customers. We wholesale products such as pet foods, bird seeds, cages, pet accessories, shampoo, dietary,
supplements and other products for small animals.



UK6010 - ULTRAKAT Premium Cat Litter 10Liter

IC8020 - Super Premium Cat Sand 20 Kg

Electric Automatic Food Feeder (Small)

WK3004S or L - Carry Bag

Iron Bird Cage (4 in 1)

1011 - MELAKA Bamboo Cage ( Mata Putih )

1311 - MELAKA Bamboo Cage

1411 - MELAKA Bamboo Cage

T2000 - Coco Carrier

6522 - Pet Fooder Twin 2000

S90 - One Touch Fence W. Tray

6558 - Pet House Large Size

Hamster Cages YDA302

Hamster Cages YDA301

Hamster Cages YDA108

Hamster Cages YDA102


Chubby Pet Garden Sugar Tropical Fruit Treat

Chubby Pet Garden Sugar Papaya Treat

Chubby Pet Garden Sugar Glider HPW


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