i-Bunny Multi Vitamin (IB8228)

i-Bunny Multi Vitamin (IB8228)

i-Bunny Multi Vitamin (IB8228)


Volume: 150ml

Features: -Minerals -Healthy skin -Appetibility -Omega 3-6 -Shiny coat -A correct muscular development -Energy balance -Immunity support -Strong teeth & bone

Item Code :

Volume :

Features :

  • Minerals 

  • Healthy skin

  • Appetibility

  • Omega 3-6

  • Shiny coat

  • A correct muscular development

  • Energy balance

  • Immunity support

  • Strong teeth & bone

Vitamin For :
Rabbit, Hamster, Rat, Mice & Small Animals 

Usage Method :
For animals use only Mix  every 3 caps with 30ml water.

i-Bunny Multi Vitamin (IB8228)

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